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Speaker. Trainer. Consultant. 

For more than 35 years, private, public and parapublic companies of all sizes in Canada, the United States and Europe call upon my services to solve organizational problems that undermine performance.

About me

I distinguish by the quality of my communication and leadership services.

My pedagogical approach allows me to create lasting relationships as well as contribute to the development of people skills essential to mobilization, teamwork and cooperation.

I provide tools and training tailored to the needs and realities of each company, to enable them to increase productivity, profitability, sustainability and retention of key employees.

In the last 15 years, I have attended a lot of training and I can assure you that the training on communication is part of my tops 5.

Thank you for the countless tips and tricks you gave me.

Roger Gauthier

General Manager, Great West Life

What a fantastic course! Not only did I gain skills that improved my communication skills at work and in my professional relationships, but I was able to use those same skills in my personal relationships.

George is highly educated and a phenomenal animator. He taught us simple and straightforward methods. Thank you for everything!

Christina Vroom

McGill University Montreal, Quebec

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